Samantha M.Z. Del Campo, O.D.

Samantha M.Z. Del Campo, O.D. “Dr. Sam” joined Alderwood Vision Therapy Center in 2021. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Sam earned her bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and Doctor of Optometry degree from Nova Southeastern University. In 2018, Dr. Sam added vision therapy services to the Richmond community at a well-established primary care office. With the growth of this clinic, Dr. Sam realized her calling to switch to a vision therapy only practice (with the team support of her husband). Dr. Sam’s enthusiasm of providing vision therapy services to her patients, comes from her lifelong challenges with reading. After struggling as a child to keep her place with reading, seeing fuzzy text and feeling slow when reading, Dr. Sam driven to remediate these challenges, completed a vision therapy program. To this day, she continues to build upon and enhance her visual skills. Her favorite part of her job is watching the barriers to learning and/or work-performance, be removed. During her time at Nova Southeastern University, she served as the president of Beta Sigma Kappa, COVD National Liaison and Student COVD President. She received awards including the Certificate of Commendation for her performance on Part 1 of boards, COVD Student Excellence in Vision Therapy Award and successful completion of the NSU Honors Program. When Dr. Sam is not at work, she is either finding the next outdoor adventure with her husband, offering free pet-sitting services, or trying to find a chocolate shop.