Vision Is Much More than "20/20"

The visual skills needed for learning go far past 20/20 eyesight and eye health. 20/20 refers to the ability to see a small target on a chart at 20 feet away. This is important for certain tasks, like seeing the board, however there are perhaps more important visual skills for learning. 

For example, convergence insufficiency (CI) is a common vision disorder estimated to occur in 8-12% of the population. People with CI can oftentimes pass a vision screening, yet struggle with reading due to difficulty focusing. According to research, 33% of children diagnosed with attention deficit disorder have convergence insufficiency.

Vision therapy is an effective treatment for many visual efficiency and processing deficits. Similar to how physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are delivered, it involves an individualized treatment plan to help develop visual skills that support, instead of interfere with, both learning and play. 

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