Special Needs Care

Those with delays to neurological development, other congenital conditions, or who have had an early brain injury have a higher frequency of developmental visual deficits. Our goal during the evaluation is to meet the child or person at their level to understand how their vision works for them for interpreting their world and guiding movement and interaction.

Regardless of age or verbal abilities, functional visual skills are assessed including: visual acuity, oculomotor skills (tracking), binocularity (eye teaming, strabismus), accommodation (focusing), amblyopia (lazy eye), depth perception, peripheral vision, and eye health.

Most importantly, after we have an understanding of what your child can see and do with their visual system, we can nurture their visual strengths, and improve their visual deficits so vision is supportive during development.

The first step to determine if lenses and/or vision therapy would be helpful, is to schedule an appointment with our team.