Comprehensive Functional Visual Evaluations for Children and Adults

Exam Room

Our doctors emphasize a functional, developmental, and behavioral approach to vision. Having 20/20 eyesight – being able to identify a specific letter size at distance – is only one small piece of vision. There are many other visual skills required for efficient vision and visual processing in the classroom, workplace, sports, and other performance activities. 

Regardless of age or verbal ability, functional visual skills are assessed including: visual acuity, oculomotor skills (tracking), binocularity (eye teaming, strabismus), accommodation (focusing), amblyopia (lazy eye), depth perception, peripheral vision, and eye health. 

After we have an understanding of what you or your child can see and do with their visual system, we can nurture visual strengths and work on visual deficits.

Our goal is to ensure vision is supportive, and not an interference, for all that you do.

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