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Dr. Murphy is able to explain things so well. I am so grateful to her for the care she has given my unique case. It was a pleasure to see a kind and knowing face that is willing to take the time and explain the why and how of what we are doing together. 


They were very professional, patient and approachable to answer all questions coming from both myself and my son during his initial examination. Extremely thorough and detailed. We feel very lucky for the referral to AVTC. Thank you!


This is an amazing place of ophthalmology and eye exams and care. I will definitely be seeing them for all future exams and care. Thank you so much.


Dr. Murphy is the best. She sat down and listened to everything I needed to say and was great to explain everything she thought I needed. She is also adored by my daughter, who has struggled with vision problems for years and Dr. Murphy has treated her like a family member and has advocated for my daughter in every way possible. This has given my daughter the confidence she needed to pursue grad school and doing exceptionally well. Thank you Dr. Murphy!


Dr. Youngblood was really thorough and spent a long time figuring out my eye problems.


Dr. Murphy is the epitome of doctoring excellence! She's smart, kind, caring, and supremely competent. After 7 years in her care, and a lifetime in the care of other eye doctors, I can attest to her ability and effectiveness: she is simply top notch.


Very thorough, comprehensive, professional, friendly and knowledgeable.


This vision clinic has been a lifesaver for me, a person now in my sixties but still dealing with repercussions of a premature birth. How validating it is to have health professionals acknowledge and work with vision issues impacting balance, double vision, and a host of other areas. The ease and enjoyment just in taking the eye exams at Alderwood Vision Therapy is refreshing.


I am so appreciative of their accommodations so my adult children can continue to receive top quality eye exams.


We have taken our kids here for years. We love it!


I had a very thorough eye exam with Dr. Youngblood. I was experiencing vision changes and I felt listened to and validated in what I was describing. She is knowledgeable and patient. Thank you, Dr. Youngblood!


I have been coming here for many years and have always been impressed with Dr. Torgerson and staff. Their level of knowledge and competence is greatly appreciated... thank you all!


Very thorough and professional. I am looking forward to therapy sessions.


Love Dr Hash. She is so thorough and takes as much time as you need to discuss issues and answer questions. She makes you feel very comfortable. I have great confidence in her ability to diagnose difficult cases.


I love Dr. Hash she is very thorough, answers all questions and makes you feel completely at ease


Dr. Hash is such a delight! She is intelligent, and has a lovely way of explaining complex eye issues. She has given me hope for my vision to improve with therapy. And that is huge for me! Thank you for being there to help people.


Is disabled, and staff made him feel so welcome, and they are patient when he is doing his exam.


Thanks again for doing what you do. I look forward to getting the reminder to return in two years.


We loved Chelsea's cheery demeanor and engaging approach. Hope to continue therapy with her in the future!


I loved the excitement Chelsea gave my daughter on our first visit. Chelsea engaged with her and spoke to her as well as speaking with me and taking time to answer questions. She looks forward to coming each week and practicing at home.


Dr. Murphy spends lots of time listening to me and giving me the best eye exam! So happy to have such excellent care!


I never feel rushed. I had an issue with insurance. They did their best to make sure I was covered so I could come for my apt. Thank you.


Michelle is awesome. She is very kind and helpful. She always makes me feel like I'm doing a good job.


Doctor Youngblood gives very clear explanations during therapy. She listens carefully to my comments about how homework exercises are going.


I have been very excited and pleased with my Dr.s* and therapist, Michelle. From day one successes have been made through AVTC, I feel that I can do the exercises and give myself more time to adjust to my current vision status. And all that I have talked with are aware of my frustrations. Your patience, experience, training and compassion are evident in your interfacing with patients. I can highly recommend your doctors and therapist to anyone that I meet that is having vision issues. This office approaches vision much differently than other doctors that I have seen in the last 15 years.


Not only was my experience very professional, but everyone was genuinely kind. What a blessing...


Dr. Murphy is thorough and encouraging.


Dr. Hash remembers me and cares. I really appreciate her and the staff.


I was really impressed with the length of time Dr. Hash spent with me during my appointment. She asked a lot of questions and also did a great job explaining all of my options for my prescription and some other issues I'm dealing with. She is one of the best eye doctors I've visited in the ~35 years I've been seeing eye doctors.


I really value the service this Practice provides for children and adults. Thank you Providers and Staff who work in line with Dr. Torgerson's deep understanding of how the brain to eye connection enhances life experiences and performance.


They took the time to explain things and answer any questions I had.


I liked Dr. McCaffrey a lot. Hopefully she can be my provider now.


The doctor was very in tune with his needs! It would be great to arrange a way for the patient to not have to go in and out after he has tried the optomap.


Dr. Murphy is the best! She took so much time, diagnosing in several different ways since you can't always tell whether it's understood what you are asking her. So appreciative of Dr. Murphy's fun, positive attitude. 


Wonderful staff! We are grateful for the encouraging and positive prognosis.


We feel we are with the right doctors!


I felt as though I was their main priority; I never felt as though they were too busy to answer my questions.


Dr. Murphy is awesome. She's professional and personal at the same time and always takes the time to answer our questions in a way that we can understand the information. I also appreciate how she spoke to our daughter age-appropriately rather than speaking down to her and she really appreciated that!


Dr. Hash is wonderful. She gives the feeling of really getting to know our family. She is so patient and very respectful and responsive the our children's questions as well as parents'. The one factor that would make me consider not recommending this office for vision therapy is the financial policy. It is very hard to schedule make-up sessions and I don't think we should be charged for sessions that are canceled with over a week's notice or are due to illness or snow conditions.


The doctor took my daughter's sensory needs into consideration. She went above and beyond.


We rely on Dr. Murphy to partner with us for both kids, and now myself. She is such a great partner for me in regards to our care even beyond vision needs.


Very glad that Carrie explicitly asked me if I had questions and took the time with me to answer them. I get that from my ND but not usually from other practioners. While I was initially disappointed by how far out my original appointment was (early February), I was super-pleased to get the call just a few days later that a spot opened up and I was able to get in in less than a week after I made my first call. Thank you for having a waitlist and actually using it!


Doctor and staff were great. The Doctor spent quality time with my 2 boys.


Patient for life. I'll be back. 🙂


Everything was great. Wish this wonderful intervention could be covered by my insurance!


The staff and doctor went out of their way to make the visit more economic.


Dr. Hash was very friendly and patient. She has a wonderful rapport with her patients.


Knowledgeable and intuitive, working to bring the most comfortable vision outcome possible. To leave a medical office and be able to honestly say, "Thank you. I had a lovely time." Says a lot about the ambiance of this clinic.


Fabulous bedside manner. I wish all doctors would be as thorough and spend the needed time with patients, not make patients feel rushed. They go above and beyond expectations and teach the patient and caregivers how to care for the situation. Great learning experience. So happy we came here!


Dr. Hash is amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable and so kind. She is fantastic with people of all ages. 


We feel like our experience with Alderwood Vision could be potentially life-changing for our son. I left feeling relief that there might be real answers for why he struggles at school, and so encouraged that there are ways we can help support him as he transitions from young man, to self-sufficient adult. Thank you for listening. Thank you for explaining. Thank you to Dr. T for taking the time to meet us, and to encourage him. We are most grateful.